Scriptureless and Stark Wite


So this is a preview of what I THINK may be the actual cover for the STEEP INCLINATIONS vinyl cover (if I don’t decide to hand paint a more Roger Dean-type cover, which has been my plan for some time; maybe just the interiors), if I ever manage to have it made in vinyl. To be honest, I may have to to a double-gatefold, which will be even more spendy.

The track running times are VERY approximate. The fact is, some tracks will be shorter, some will be longer, and the total running time may climb to the point where I’m putting tracks from separate acts onto succeeding LPs. Frankly, I see this as a 3-CD job, approximately sixty minutes per disc, unless I manage to condense it down to two, which I’m sure even my proggiest friends would prefer. How to translate that into vinyl is another matter.

I’m just becoming aware that vinyl is becoming popular again, and I’ve always felt that vinyl LP covers are the ultimate visual medium for Prog Rock listeners (stoned or straight), short of making an animated feature film (regular feature films don’t seem to live up to it, do they?).

So there you have it: the graphic design for today is… and of course, I wasn’t paid for this job, either. Bloody cheapskates, those Etcetera boys. Can’t wait til they break up.

Happy Easter, for those observing. For the rest of you, have a lovely day. Thanks for reading.


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