Sea Change (wet – cropped – set)

Okay… 999th post going out to StumbleUpon…

…aaaaand I have to rename ‘Seasons Change’, simply because the series title doesn’t seem to work with the look of the final product. See for yourselves:

Spring IMG_7543
Summer IMG_7535
Autumn IMG_7538
Winter IMG_7541

See, I think they turned out brilliantly, but I just couldn’t sustain the original intent in my highly dense, overwrought style. So I’m going to play with the title of the series a bit by removing the word ‘sons’, and coming out with Sea____ Change. I want to name it several things, but what I might do is name them after fictional tropical islands. I’g name them after real tropical islands, but I have learned that islanders are a little fussy about how their home islands are portrayed. Still deliberating.

Anyway, between you and me, it’s still about season cycles and weather patterns and the shift of morning into night. The passage of time, and the passage of states. It’s about change.

Thank you for reading. These paintings will probably still be soaking wet by the time art crawl happens tonight, so enjoy these photos and I’ll consider having prints made available later today.


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