Second Grade Fetishes and Other Very Short Thoughts

So, I technically re-released The Back Roads of Limbo in ebook format a couple of days ago. Still no sales. It’s gotten a fair bit of internet attention over the last couple of days, but no one is biting. Sadness.

I’m trying to think up something I can make for dinner for Dawn and I. The money, she is not with us, and the cupboards are just about bare. Won’t get paid until next week. This is as bad as things have been in quite a while. Afraid to ask friends for a loan. Can’t seem to sell anything, even if it’s the good stuff. A friend offered to buy my latest painting, but at a quarter of the price, and not until a month or two from now. I’m inclined to wait, but meanwhile, other paintings aren’t selling either, so we’re officially broke. Really broke. I actually came up short on rent. Yes, it’s Wednesday. Yes, Wednesday is a bad day for anyone having money, especially after a holiday weekend. I didn’t plan it this way.

Depression and anxiety have been messing with me. Aching feet have been making me feel old and cranky. I wrote a song today, but was too warm to work on demoing it. The lyric is pretty good. In my head, it sounds like it falls somewhere between classic Michael Penn and Mr. Mister, at the moment.

Time to try to rustle up dinner, I guess. Here’s hoping something comes to mind.


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