Second Thoughts

I've been sitting here tonight thinking about an old song I don't seem to have any recordings of anymore. Don't know where the track went. I'm sure it's around here somewhere. And yet, perhaps it's just as well that I can't find the old recording yet. Forces me to make plans to rerecord it, which can only be a good thing.

The problem is, it reminds me that those lyrics, that song, were never really meant to be that short. I just didn't know what else to say. I'm still not entirely sure I have anything to add. But I'm thinking a lot and talking a lot and writing a lot these days, and some of the territory is painfully familiar, so I guess it just seems like a good time to revisit old wounds.

It's looking more and more like the next album will be a solo. Can't seem to get the boys together for anything inteh songwriting catagory, and the rehearsal catagory is suspended for the time being. The impetus, the momentum, seems to have disapated.

Still, I look forward to the next stage with the band. Just not sure when or how it will take shape. So I'll just keep working on songs and see if I don't ahve things ready for when we finally do reconvene, if we ever do. And so long as I'm still demoing stuff on the crappy four track, I suppose I'll keep posting the results here for the time being.

I wish there was somebody out there looking at this. I'm starting to think once again that this is all in vain.

Good night.

Hamilton, Ontario
November 8th, 2006,
5:36 AM EST

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One Response to “Second Thoughts

  • On a side note Lee, have you ever thought of re-reading some of your blog posts, the personal ones? Some of the things you say would make really good lyrics for a forlorn type song. (Daa'lin, you need to get HAPPY!)

    "But I'm thinking a lot,
    talking a lot,
    writing a lot these days.
    Some of the territory is painfully familiar,
    so I guess it's a good time
    to revisit old wounds"

    I think that would make a good chorus with some tweeking. In fact I see a lot of good lines that would make good parts to a song.

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