Shaken; Not Stirred

Still haven’t made my final decision about civic engagement activities.

Still haven’t decided what to work on next.

Thinking about writing the rest of THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD. Also thinking more about writing PASSAGE TO BUJAH. Not sure which I’ll go with first. There’s a bit of a rethink for both titles dancing through my head. More humour? More pathos? More realism? Haven’t decided yet.

Haven’t decided on the next painting yet, either. 3′ x 1′, probably, but not decided whether to do another abstract or get back to work on the representational concepts I’ve been mulling over. TAROT is still on the planning table, as is my Zoe-meets-Edward-Hopper homage concept. But I’m wondering if I have another abstract in me at the moment…

Music is a little fallow right now. Still not able to practice or rehearse, because my wife has me on a strict no-practice regimen while my arm finishes healing. Feels pretty good to me, but hey, what do I know?

I DID sign up on a Reddit thread to potentially jam with some locals. We’ll see if that happens.

I’ve got plans… big f%^&ing plans…

Not sure if I should post anything else today. nothing new on my mind. Just watching James Bond and relaxing for a change. Feels weird, and I’m a little tired and in need of engagement.

Anyway, that should do for now. Hope everyone is indoors and safe.


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