She Said She Only Ever Wanted To Feel Her Heart Again, And I Got It Moving

Interesting morning, so far. Last night, I attended a party thrown by Richard Miller for his sister, Kim, which was a surprise birthday party disguised as a Hallowe’en party. it seems to have worked. Kim was charmed, and looked good in her pirate wench costume. There were a few pirates, some feminized DC superheroes, a few vampires of both male and female persuasion, one notable Despicable Me ‘Minion’, and Woody and Annie (?) from Toy Story, amongst many others. Rodney Brazeau dressed as Captain Canuck, Richard was Dracula, and Scott Hickman came as Zombie Jesus (who won first prize). Derrick Rose wore his medieval garb, and I being about as impoverished, ended up dragging out my old recycling plant gear and dressing up as an employed manual labourer, something I haven’t done in about a decade now. The expansion of my gut since those days was quite noticeable in my old white Molson Canadian tee shirt, which used to hang off of me back in the early days.

Today, I am listening to concept albums written by Pete Townshend as I write the premise of a three act concept album of  my own, for Etcetera. I promised myself over twenty years ago that I would complete my dream for this band, which was to make a three disc album called Steep Inclinations. I saw it in a dream once, as I went through a friend’s music collection and came across their copy of our album on three CDs. I’ve wanted to fulfill that dream, if nothing else, for a long, long time. So now I will do so.

I’m also going to make a double album (or is that a boxed set? 30-odd leftover songs is a lot to squeeze onto two discs, even if you keep them short, which I probably won’t) of all of my remaining pop songs from my solo catalogue (under The People’s Republic of Limbo banner, I think), though I haven’t decided if I’m going to rewrite and arrange them into a concept album as well. I probably will. I have this urge to make a grand statement that closes one chapter of my life and a following one that starts another. Or is that in the wrong order? I’m not sure.

Meanwhile, tAD2L is languishing, waiting for me to get back to it. PT is waiting for me to finish prepping it for the start of November. I’m thinking of shaving my beard and moustache for Movember; I haven’t committed to it yet.

And today’s lyrical title comes from a song I wrote for Etcetera way back in 1994, called ‘More’, which may or may not be rewritten to appear on Steep Inclinations, or whatever it will finally be called. I didn’t promise myself the album would keep its title. That I thought up after the dream was over. It’s the golden yellow Roger Dean-type cover of the three-disc concept album part I’m focussed on. That’s what I saw in the dream.

I may have to rebuild the band to achieve this goal, however. Gary’s been busy, and Derrick, though interested, is out of practice. We all are, really. Plus, Rich wants to sing, so I may have to integrate him into the band, if I can. Plus, I may need to find a new keyboardist or bassist. I don’t mind playing both instruments, but I occasionally need to have both bass and keyboard parts playing, and may run out of hands. Plus, realistically, we may need a new lead guitarist, as I have a habit of writing parts Gary can’t or won’t play. We’ll see.

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