She’s Like The Weather

This is an older song I’ve been meaning to record for a long time, but needed to complete the lyrics, which wouldn’t come. Today I completed them. It’s a bit of a Celtic Rock Waltz, so count it off in sixes…

She’s Like the Weather

I sit here alone on the cross where I saw love die
And I cannot decide who went up, was it you or I?
I wander alone
I wonder too much
And I break down again each time I recall your touch.

I sent you a card for your birthday with a note inside
It read really nice, not a word about suicide
And it’s gonna be late
When it gets to your door
And it’s the same god-damned message as the one before.

And I can’t change her mind
Because she’s like the weather
Never really know what you might find

And she won’t speak her mind
Unless she sounds like no other
Thinks it’s for the best when she’s unkind.

You see me move off down the street from your window
And you’re watching to see if you can guess just where I’ll go
You’ve got me sized up
Got me all figured out
But as I park on the bench, do I hear a doubt?

I’ve read you’re in parties this year and you’re looking fine
And I’ve almost forgotten those nights with you drinking wine
But I’ve run out of steam
And I’ve run out of time
For these dreams that I had back when you were mine.

And I can’t face the day
When I think that she hates me
Never could explain how I come undone

No I can’t change a thing
When she leaves without warning
Not a single word can unblock the sun.


I used to believe that I knew just what I would do
If I ever found time to drive over and talk to you
I’d walk to your door
I’d walk into your arms
And fall victim to all of your subtle charms.

Many years later I sit and look back on us
It’s kind of amazing when I think about all the fuss
I thought you were right
I knew I was wrong
But it’s taken a decade to write this song.

And I can’t change her mind
Because she’s like the weather
Asking me to stay when she’s out of range

And she can’t speak her mind
But she sounds just like her mother
Never really sure when she will change.

No I can’t change your mind
But you break like the weather
Never really sure if I should stay

And I can’t speak my mind
When you change with the seasons
Never could discern what else to say.

OUTRO: (round)
Never really know
How far she’s gone
(repeat to fade)

©2010 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
Etcetera Thesis Music
for the album Bisecting a Circumference

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