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Good Afternoon, Mackrophiles,

I regret I don’t have anything ready to post yet, because I’m getting ready to go back to work on Show Me Something. I need to see if I can perfect that slide guitar part, and maybe add a little something to get back my original guitar solo from 1996. I was also considering honky tonk piano, but I’m thinking that might be better saved for The Last Call, unless I finally start hearing the actual performance I want, and not just some vague notion like I have now. The bass could probably use a little touching up as well, but I’m gonna give the track one more play to see if it’s obvious where I dropped or flubbed a couple of notes before committing to rerecording that part, because it came out rather nicely last time, warts and all, and I’d hate for it to get stale.

Meanwhile, did you know that Out Of Time and Here It Comes Again are available for download? They’re  my double A-side single for the album, just to give people a taste of what’s coming.

So in other words, I’ll try to have some goodies for you later, but meanwhile, hang loose and have a good one.


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