Slow Starts and Soft Plans

Okay, so I have to go up to Mom’s to do some cleaning. I also have a lot of writing planned, and I have at least three books I want to read at least part of in the next few days. Ambitious much?

I’ve been tinkering with THE APPROXIMATE DISTANCE TO LIMBO again. A very sweet but pornalicious chapter, currently called ‘Make-Up Sects’, but which I’ll probably be changing because it got away from me, as per usual. I was kind of hoping I’d finish the book with no graphic sex scene, so I may put this chapter aside and write the one I was supposed to, instead. I can always put the current chapter in HOT NIGHTS IN LIMBO, the erotica collection I’ve been cobbling together which is still unfinished. I almost wish I’d put more of the sex scenes from TERMINAL MONDAY in that collection instead, so I wouldn’t feel quite so self-conscious about the book. I really think the sex was integral to the plot in that book, but the level of graphic sex may have hurt the book’s chances of ever reaching a wider audience.

Anyway, I’m listening to Mike + the Mechanics this morning, drinking my second cup of coffee (now that I have coffee to drink again), and contemplating the events of the last few days. I released four short stories, received a glowing review of one of them from a writer I’ve never met or spoken to before (very flattering), released two remixes of songs I’m very fond of (though one could use some rerecording, I know), made absolutely no money from any of it, but at least my name is making the rounds again, which is nice. I haven’t achieved critical mass yet, but I’d like to think that, when I do, I’ll have lots of goodies for all the girls and boys and people who aren’t quite girls or boys, but are just as nice.

Coming soon: reviews for LAST YEAR’s Anthony Phillips release, City of Dreams, and as well, an in-depth review of season 3 (the first half) of Out With Dad. Just need a bit more time to sit down and get everything sorted out. So busy these days, it’s a wonder I even get up out of this office chair on a regular basis.

Time to get going. Thank you for reading. Try the veal.


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