Small Wonders

I’ve been up since about 4:30 tinkering with my short story, The Well-Tailored Man, and as well, the opening chapters of the second volume of The Uninvited Guest. What was that? ‘But the first volume isn’t done yet’? Well, yeah, that’s true, but these volumes were designed to be written at the same time.

My wife has gone to the gym. She’ll probably be back around 2. I’ll probably write until she gets back, and then deal with my messy kitchen.

I still have to:

– Record new song ideas for Surreyal.
– Design Tarot paintings.
– Design new mural concepts.
– Cut album covers for the last ten CDs of The Whole Other Half.
– Think up a new promotion for the album and my novels.
– Maybe record a new video for Channel Limbo. It’s been a while.

I should also give some thought to getting dressed. Soonish.


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