So Let’s Go and Drink To the Death of a Clown

Okay, I’m experiencing some difficulty due to a chest cold that has morphed into a touch of pneumonia. This is not a sympathy plea. Just keeping you updated. I have horse pills for it. Week’s worth. Fun, wow.

Big PB meeting at City Hall tonight. I need a shower and shave.

Reading through RETURN TRIP (act two of TAD2L). It needs tweaking here and there, and there is something still missing from the stories I have so far. Not enough through line, and possibly not enough hints about Richard’s progression. There’s a whole piece there that needs to make itself apparent by the time the final chapter plays out, and I’m not sure I’ve got a handle on that. It’ll come, but I really hoped it would come before now, so I could release the book at the end of the month. Might have to revise my release date yet again. Sorry about that.

I have a cartoon on the drawing table that needs inking and colouring. Need it and one more article. This would all be done if I hadn’t gotten sick and missed my deadline to interview Maggie as planned. Now Maggie is too busy, and I am waiting for Katherine to get an interview from another neighbourhood personage. I can’t do anything to speed that up, but I may have to fill the space and let her interview be moved to February. We’re running out of time.

I haven’t named the new series of paintings I am contemplating, though I vaguely recall suggesting I had an idea about that last week. All I know is it’s about conveying form and narrative using raw colour. Not sure how I’ll do it. My first attempt was a fail, and I gessoed over the mess. Still haven’t started my second attempt. Soon.

Amanda Palmer’s first book has been out for a week. I still don’t own a copy, but I will. You should, too. Go get it.

My guitar student is going to be getting his own guitar for Christmas. I am hoping he will practice enough to get comfortable with playing on his own, without me guiding him every step of the way. I like teaching and what it’s done for my own playing and practice schedule, but I do want to put myself out of a job, eventually. I tend to think self-education is the best method of learning to play and write music. I can’t really impart a conservatory-type education, but I can at least get my student ready for whatever other teachers he may or may not interact with in the future. I very much want him to keep playing and progressing, and I’m not so sure how much I can show him before I’ll be holding him back with my own limitations as a player.

When he DOES eventually leave my tutelage, I think I may take on other students, though. Teaching is good for discipline. The money is kind of negligible, but the effort to improve enough to keep ahead of your student is invaluable.

Soon. Ask if you’re wondering about something specific. I’ll update as I can.

Thanks for reading.


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