So, We Were At Art Crawl Last Night…

…and Dawn sold several of her new art piece magnets. I sold nothing, but it was a fun evening, over all. Didn’t get to see any galleries or studios, as we set up early and stayed until 11, and didn’t get home until midnight. I also didn’t see everyone I hoped to, but I saw some important friends and hugged a few of them. Thank you for your kind words about Lucky. He was extremely dear to both of us, and we are still struggling with the loss, despite our near-flawless performances of last night.

(where did I put that tissue?)

I ALSO not-so-nearly sold ‘Density’ to a lovely young Asian woman (whose name I didn’t get), until it became clear that she is a tourist to Hamilton who is still learning English, and was being chaperoned by a group, some of whom also liked some of the art (another Asian lady was admiring Dawn’s painting, ‘Moon’.) So, no sales there, which is both prudent and yet sad, because of all the people who showed interest in Density last night, she was the first person who actually wanted to hold the piece. It was a very cool moment, which I wish had been captured somehow, so I could remember it. I’m not an animist, but I seriously felt like Density wanted to go home with that woman. A lost moment in time. Regret…

In any case, here is ‘Density’, one more time, for the pretty Asian lady with the amazing smile:
Density Polyptych 2014 wet

And for the other lady, who was so charming, here’s Dawn’s ‘Moon’:
Dawn's Moon

Time to put some clothes on and be productive. Have a great day, folks. Thank you for reading.


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