Something Old, Something New

VFMD 2011 06 21a

Rescanned an old logo that I want to do a couple of things with. Problem is, I don’t seem to have the original working file from this project, which had an already-touched-up version of the lineart. I don’t plan on spending all day recleaning the whole thing, but I’m fixing up a few patches that irritate me, and then I’m just gonna cut and paste the bits I want. And THEN I’m going back to Illustrator, where I can fix things up properly (and much more quickly).

Anyway, just demonstrating that I’m busy doing different stuff. I’d show you what I was working on earlier, but Illustrator decided that stuff was too hard to look at (RAM problem, which is interesting given that I have 8GB of RAM…), and kept crashing. I’ll probably have to go in and squash a few vector layers together to ease up on memory problems, since I have a lot more work to do in that file.

Hope everyone is having a good day.


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