Something Old

I’ve been compiling a new song list with tabulation for Gary and I to use on a new album together. This has largely been sorted out, but I’m coming across older material that has never been recorded properly, and that I’m thinking I’d like to get down for the record.

This is a lyric I wrote years ago while thinking about a few friends who were in various stages of drug addiction. It was composed for piano and vocal, and was written for a female vocalist to sing, because frankly, it’s in a pretty high register and I wanted it to sound pretty, which my voice doesn’t really do, even when I still had a range. I’ve never actually performed the song for any of those people, and at least one of them is no longer on my radar. I grew up around hard drugs, so it seemed a pretty heavy piece for me to write, but I guess this is what I always wanted to say to those friends and loved ones who were in the grip of strong drugs.

Hasn’t It Occurred To You Yet?


You’re gonna feel a pricking of the skin
But then I’ll make all of your wishes come true
If you can stop the cycle, you can win
And I’ve got just what it takes to get you through

You’re gonna have to face it some time
That it’s a pretty rotten world you’re living in
The poignant pain that makes you feel sublime
Is drawing out your blood as you grow pale and thin

When are you going to learn
That I need you to come down sometimes?
I need to see you round at times
I’ll need to see your smile in time
Oh hasn’t it occurred to you yet?

There’s gonna come a time when you’ll bet
All of that special quality that makes you real
To win yourself everything you can get
Though once you’ve lost yourself how will it feel?

It’s all got to come out sometime
(you’re not the captain of your ship)
You’ve screwed with everyone you’ve ever met
(no one will join you on your trip)
The anguish on your face looks so sublime
(stiff upper lip poor little boy)
But all you know is taht your soul is deep in debt
(your heart’s a broken toy)

When are you going to see
That it has to mean something inside?
You’ll never get to join us outside
You’ll need to come back from the other side
Oh hasn’t it occurred to you yet?


You’re gonna feel a pricking of the skin…

© 1995, 2010 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
Etcetera Thesis Music
never recorded

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