Sorry To Keep You Waiting

I figured it’s about time I got down to some work. At the moment, I am considering the old, dust-covered script for Castles In The Sand, the first part of Full Moon Memoires, a comic script I started working on years ago.

I know, I should be writing Passage To Bujah. Or LinkTales volume Two. Or The Uninvited Guest. Any of the other projects I have on the go would do better than my lame attempt to rewrite 20th Century history to make pseudo-McCarthyism an enshrined institution in North America, while over in Europe, rampant pseudo-Socialism is revolutionizing the rest of the world, and it’s actually working, or so it seems. Except where North America is concerned. And this is my big push to get a graphic novel written and scripted so I can start trying to put together a proper proposal for a Kickstarter venture. Or, you know, Indiegogo, because they like Canadians.

I shouldn’t be working on this. But it was seeing Jerry Ordway’s blog that reminded me that there are great comic book artists looking for meaningful comic book work. I should be trying to hire guys like Jerry, Paul M. Smith, Colleen Doran, Michael W. Kaluta, Barry Windsor-Smith, Arthur Adams, Bob
McCleod… these truly great comic book storytellers who are criminally underused in the industry because they’re not the hot young things that are being touted as the next… whoever is young and hot this week.

So that’s what I’m trying to finish my script for. I want to see if I can get the story whipped into shape. I know the plot for the first OGN (FMM: Castles In The Sand) basically works, but there’s a LOT of stuff in each of the other series, including the first issues, that need work. I’m taking precious time I should be investing in one of my novels because I truly believe that Sunday Afternoon Matinée could make a big difference if I could get funding and actually hire these underemployed artists to do the heavy lifting for me, since my own skills are questionable, and I’d really rather see them get the work than me trying and failing to get the job done and the stories never seeing print.

Plus, if I could see my pages drawn by any of these men or women… wow, that would be so life affirming, I can’t even tell you. Wow.

But anyway, it’s time to get back to work, so I can stop dicking with this possible project and get back to one of the other, more likely projects that don’t require me getting crowdfunding to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars just so I can afford to pay these people what they’re worth for the duration of the runs.

As always, dreaming bigger than my ability to deliver. Maybe I can head-fake myself and get the scripts and plots sorted out anyway. We’ll see.


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