Splatted Glass

Okay, so I’ve had this idea for an interactive method of abstract expressionism, whereby I do a series of carefully photographed or scanned abstract splatters, one at a time, and then catalogue them and put them into a collection of brushes for an app that would allow other people (who are less inclined to strip down and get paint all over them in the pursuit of artistic expression) to use my individual splatters as a form of digital composition tool. See, even I would like to use such a tool, but I especially want it to be a widespread application technique, so people who like abstract art but can’t let themselves paint in that style enough to develop a piece or pieces that they feel represents their inner landscape effectively. I like live collaboration, but I simply can’t collaborate with everyone, fun as that might be.

So this system would allow me to develop compositions on individual sheets of clear plastic, one after another, until I have a full range of compositions that consist of individual layers that can be separated out and put into other compositions. It devalues what I do personally a little bit, but not enough to make me feel like what I’m proposing is a mistake. There are elements I’ve created over the years that I wished I could pull out of various paintings and apply elsewhere. A little Photoshop might make some of the upper layers available, but the lower elements will probably always be obscured. So this idea would open all of that up for future pieces. I’m not sure I would want to do it for a long time, but I could definitely see developing it as a franchise tool that others could pick up and run with after I’d exhausted myself on it and moved on. The licensing fees alone would probably cover my expenses, even if the app were pirated a fair bit.

The upside of all of this is, people with no experience painting abstracts could use my works as a tool to build their own pieces, which they could have printed on canvas or whatever and installed in their home: a genuine CLEARart Collaboration might never sell for thousands or millions, but it would be a cherished possession that the owner would be proud to show off. And that’s miles better than people buying mediocre art to decorate their walls because it matches their decor.

So I was thinking about artist’s grants and money prizes and such, and thought I should name my concept and try to find people who can help develop it with me, since I lack coding skills and a distribution model for such an enterprise.


© 2015 Lee Edward McIlmoyle

And that’s my possibly blue sky unfulfillable idea for today. Thank you for reading.


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