Step right up and take the ride, east of easy, watch as I go down now… around now…

Good Morning. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

I’ve been sick for many days now, and I’m almost over it, I think, but it HAS been hard to stay productive and positive with all of this going on. This winter has truly been a mixed blessing. I wanted a heavy-ish winter that would slow everyone down and give me a chance to rest and catch my breath (I’m not a summer vacation guy, largely because I’m perpetually broke), but between the illness and my wife’s difficulties getting around, it’s not been as ideal as I’d hoped, because I’ve been run ragged and it’s taken me two to three times longer to get better, so I couldn’t even enjoy the relative quiet. If I had to do it all over again… well, I probably wouldn’t. Well, not this year, anyway.

Incidentally, it’s snowing outside today. *chuckles softly, so as not to excite the chest*

So I’ve been trying to get some writing done over he past couple of days, but I’ve been having difficulty getting into the zone, so I’ve worked on my mural submission preparations instead. I’d show you what I’ve done, but I don’t want to tip anyone off as to whose work is whose in the jury process. And besides, it won’t be much of a surprise, whether I get the gig or not, if I show off sketches and format stuff before the gig is mine. I’ll show you later… probably whether I get the gig or not. There may be a big blog post in it.

Time to get Dawn up and make the coffee… or is taht make the coffee and get Dawn up. Yeah, that sounds more like it. BIAB.

Okay, coffee made, mate awake, cats fed, sausage in oven, and soon, the trip to Mom’s to clean the house.

Don’t expect too much from me today, world. I’m still a little messed up from that headache, which is finally subsiding.

Today’s soundtrack is still Experiments in Mass Appeal by Frost*. if you’re not listening to it yet, you probably have no idea how I’m getting through this.

Thanks for reading.


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