Still Alive (But For How Long?)

Chest Muck Day 4. The Chest Muck is gaining ground, despite some lovely Guaifenesin my wife risked life and limb to obtain for me. Sadly, our neighbourhood has been buried under successive sheets of ice and snow, which have been near-impossible for all but the hardiest in our neighbourhood to break through and clear away. My wife, who has bad knees and ankles, and gets around with a cane much of the time these days, struck out into the cold last night to get me medication while I tried to get some rest. Over all, I kind of wish I’d gone myself, because the ice nearly gave my wife a full-on panic attack, even after she was home and safe.

PSA: I’m going to ask this with the depths of sincerity to my friends and neighbours: if you are having trouble getting your walkways cleared, please ask your friends and neighbours to come dig you out. Quite aside from the legal stuff, frankly, do it for the ones who can’t handle the ice as well as the rest of us can. It really can be a matter of life and death. Thank you.

As well, my mood is drifting south. Too many things happening behind the scenes are turning out the way I suspected they might, and I’m thinking I’ll be having plenty of time to myself again pretty soon. Should know shortly, one way or another. It’s all really down to whether any of the work I’ve done in the last twenty days has been of any real value. I apologize if that sounds cryptic or petty. It’s not intended as such. I just don’t think offering up greater detail will help matters. Best I just let the chips fall where they may.

GOOD NEWS: Friend and neighbour Joanna Millions won the election for the Stinson Community Association presidency. I may still be uninvolved with that organization, but I believe good things are in store for Stinson with this crew in charge. Go Team Go!

I may have one more announcement today or tomorrow, depending on how things turn out with a little coffee date I had tentatively planned for this afternoon. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading. Keep warm, and watch that black ice.


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