Still No New Music News. Sorry.

I'll admit it; I'm procrastinating. I have been thinking sporadically about the new songs, and I know I'm going to want to get to work on this stuff soon, but sadly, I just can't seem to focus on it right now.

My favourite acoustic electric guitar suffered some severe damage, as the bridge plate decided to completely unmoor itself from the soundboard. So I have to find a reputable luthier in town to repair it. Problem is, all of those guys seem to have given up the ghost and disappeared. No idea wher eto look now. I'll have to try the music shops on the mountain next, I suppose.

I finished a novel last month. As in, finished writing it. Well, the first draft, anyway. I'm now part way through rewrites, but I'm waiting on some friends to finish reading the first draft so I can go into the second draft with all of the suggestions I can. So I'm waiting a little bit longer before I tackle the lionshare of the rewriting, which will focus mainly on the first thirteen chapters, which were written back when I still thought this thing was going to be a fairly longish short story piece.

In the meantime, I could be making music. But I'm not. That may change in the next few days, although I do have some design work for a friend's wedding coming up as well.

And then there's all that time spent playing World of Warcraft with my wife and friends. But that's mostly at night when I can't be making music anyway.

So I'll get started soon. I just don't know how soon. Haven't quite got the brainspace prepared for thinking about music. But I want to. If I have to hear one more catchy Jonathan Coulton pop song shaming me into writing, I'm gonna cry like a little girl. I used to make music too, dammit.


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