Still The Same

Good Morning, Macklings.

Sorry for not posting this weekend. Lots of stuff kept me from my computer for most of it.

I have less than a month to finish recording my album. The more I think about it, the less work gets done, and the less likely it is to get done.

I have to find a job soon. Money troubles have been really bad lately, and the strain is affecting everything in my life, including my marriage.

I wanted to have gotten so much more done this year than it seems likely will happen now. I’d like to be philosophical about it, but it’s hard, just now.

I’m going to have to get used to doing very little creative work for a while. I’ve always been lousy at balancing creative projects with day jobs.

I’m not sure if it’s depression or illness, but lately, the energy just leaves me when I need it the most. I shouldn’t be experiencing depression on these meds.

My drummer has too many excuses not to practice. I need a cheapish mixing board so Gary and I can go jam with Derrick and make him rehearse.

Everyone I have asked for help on this album, with the exception of Gary, has flaked out. Considering how often I’ve done it to others, I deserve it.

I let my right hand nails grow in a bit, in preparation for recording a classical guitar part. The classical guitar has not arrived. I’ll have to clip them soon.

Several of the tracks I’m more or less happy with need at least one track rerecorded. My work load only seems to be getting bigger as the deadline approaches.

Someone needs to take over making this album, so I can focus on my personal life before I wind up homeless, disowned and divorced.

If every one of my friends and acquaintances bought just one thing from one of the many pages of stuff I’ve put up for sale, my money problems would disappear.

I have too many friends and loved ones who don’t trust me to follow through. That’s less a criticism than it is a confession.

I could babble like this all day, but I think I’ll go try pouring coffee into my agent instead.

We’ll see if anything new and less-than-wonderful happens to me today.

Thanks for reading. You deserve a medal.


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