Stinson Sunrise

Stinson Morning Bright sml

So I’ve been up since just before 6 AM and I still haven’t started my write up about last night’s ArtCrawl event on James Street North in Hamilton. We do this once a month, so it’s not imperative that I get this done and dusted right now, but I want to get stuff down while my memories are clear. I recorded myself mumbling into a digital dictaphone/mp3 player as I observed and analysed a series of paintings and styles of bodies of work, but I haven’t listened to any of it yet to make sure it’s audible.

I’m listening to the Kinks discography through headphones today. I hadn’t really heard their earliest stuff before. Very Stonesy, which I guess is just how most London bands sounded in 1964, really, so it stands to reason. Still, looking forward to getting to the part where their distinctive style asserts itself. Oh! There it is. *smiles*

I think I’m going to work on a painting today, once Dawn gets up and I have the coffee taken care of. I may also tinker with my recordings from last night to see if any of them are usable. My throat’s a bit sore, so I don’t plan on doing any recording or travelling around today, if I can help it.

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