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Good Afternoon, Mackronauts,

I watched an interesting interview segment featuring Stephen Fry, a man whose comedic writing and performance, as well as his various documentary series and perhaps even just his manner of speech and control of the English language have impressed me greatly in recent years. In the interview, he was talking about the phenomenon of what makes people lovable and popular, especially in these internet days. One of the things he was adamant about was that it was dead certain that people don’t like people who talk about themselves too much.

I watched the entire episode, but I found myself getting quite upset because I was almost certain he was talking about me. Well, to be fair, me meant people who constantly discuss their needs and wants, as if such things are interesting to anybody other than themselves. He was particularly dismissive of people who make up long litanies of excuses for not being able to do things, and yet insist on talking about them as if anybody gave a shit. And it occurred to me that I do that, some times.

Now, I’m sure that it could be argued that we all do that from time to time, but honestly, I’m not really all that interested in whether other people are guilty of excessive self-involvement. I tend to forgive that in most people, because we all seem to do it now and then, and I’m content to let them run down their batteries a bit on the subject if it helps them.

But in myself, I don’t particularly want to be thought of as self-absorbed. And yet I am. I know I am. I talk about myself and my projects and my experiences all of the time. I use myself as a point of reference for most of my anecdotal information, because I really don’t know enough about anyone else’s experiences to speak on them as empirically.

Now, I know this about myself, but believe it or not, I actually think I’ve got a pretty good handle on the situation, which may be my greatest folly, but there it is. The main thing is, it occurs to me that, when I’m writing this blog and trying to attract people to my ideas and works, that perhaps the thing holding me back most is my endless fascination with myself.

Understand, I don’t think I’m all that special. I have interests in a few different areas, and I create in a number of areas that I enjoy, so I talk about my work (or lack thereof) a lot. I’ve always thought that a blog should have such things in it, if you’ve got them to talk about. People like hearing about creative projects, don’t they?

Well, perhaps not. I don’t know. I guess it could just be me that finds DVD extras interesting. I certainly don’t think everyone enjoys documentaries and Making Of films as interesting as the real product, but I’m endlessly fascinated by the stuff. I read rock biographies and watch Doctor Who Confidential and read writer and artist interviews on a pretty regular basis. These are my areas of interest, and I absorb as much information on them as I can. I think we’re all like that to one extent or another. I’m not sure if I qualify as a true UberGeek, but I’m definitely an advanced level art/music/writing geek, to say the very least. My wife (AKA The Agent) often looks at me with concern in her eyes when I get a little too involved with my projects. And so it goes.

But the thing about the interview with Stephen Fry was, he said a lot of things I agree with, so I’m forced to consider whether the reason I’m not as interesting to read about isn’t because I haven’t sold enough units of product to be considered successful yet; it’s because the only thing I talk about with authority is myself, and I do it too often.


So I’m gonna end this post by saying I’ve got several projects on the go, and if you want to hear about them today, you might ask me about whichever project you’ve been waiting to hear about. I presume that anyone reading this blog has been following me long enough to have a pet project they’re waiting to hear about. Ask me about one and I’ll answer you as fairly as I can.

Otherwise, just have a great day. Thanks for reading.


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