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Over the past almost two years of running this blog for my band, I've uploaded a lot of old demo music from that period in the mid-nineties when we were trying to become a real band. However, I haven't yet organized the music posts in a fashion that can easily be found. Something I've done in the past with my writing in a different blog is to post a table of contents post. Since I'm thinking about it now, I figure, why not do that here.

ETCETERA 1994-1998
And Sew One (band demo album 1)
And Sew Fourth (band demo album 2)

THESIS 1994-2001
Rough Work In The Margins (solo demo album)
Radio (Play Me) (vocal demo)
Edelweiss (solo guitar and vox)

The Dream Falls (vocal demo)
No One In The World (vocal demo)
The Dream Falls & I Want Someone Close To Me (most recent band demos)

I'll be adding more old and new music in the near future. Just wanted to put the stuff I'd already posted in an easy-to-locate format. Now if only I could sticky this to the top.


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