Tears v.1.0 (part 1 of 1)

This is the aborted first take of chapter two of PERPETUAL TUESDAY. This version was killed in its crib almost instantly, for a second take that I also aborted. The story kept going places I wasn’t prepared to follow. For starter, this version wanted the Kara sections to take place in my home town of Hamilton, instead of NYC. Intriguing idea I haven’t given up on completely, but it doesn’t fit in this book. So here you go:

At around 6:15 AM, Richard had been up for a little bit, and was now sipping coffee and hammering together an album cover, to be posted on Facebook to tide over his legions of screaming fans. He figured all seven of them would love to see a new album cover concept, but in truth, he had a sinking feeling no one was going to take notice. It was one of those days.

He sat for what seemed like hours, poking at the internet in the dark, thinking he really needed to get back to work on the album, feeling utterly without direction. It was like he was waiting for something to happen. He knew better than to wait for inspiration, because professionals didn’t have the luxury of waiting on capricious muses. Messy business, that.

No, invariably, the answer was just to try something stupid and see if it worked. Barring that, the method he usually used was to go run an errand and see if that didn’t dislodge the creative block holding him back. It didn’t work every single time, but the odds favored it. The trade-off was in lost time, but if you were going to be wasting time anyway, might as well get your banking done at the same time.

He was just about to get up and go do exactly that when his email notifier pinged. He checked the pop-up in the corner of the screen, which read:

richardburley007@gmail.com received 1 new message
I Need Your Help! • Marcia Pollock

Richard opened the email. He hadn’t received one from Marcia in months. He couldn’t imagine what would be on her mind to need his help for. The last time they had spoken, he had gotten the strangest feeling that she was trying to get rid of him, but she hadn’t told him if there was someone in her life, so he wasn’t sure what to make of it.


Just a note to let you know that I will be back in town for the weekend of November 8th-10th, and need to meet with you to discuss some business of major importance to me. Please notify me if this is workable ASAP.


Richard hadn’t realize Marcia was out of town. Or wait, no, he vaguely remembered that she was looking into going back to school for some degree or certificate or something. He really hadn’t been paying enough attention to his friend. He didn’t even remember when she’d started referring to herself as ‘Marz’. He was going to have to look at his schedule and make sure it was clear, so he could meet with her as soon as possible, to remedy his ignorance.

Pulling open his Thunderbird program, he looked at his calendar and learned that, while Friday was technically open, it was also Art Crawl night, and he was pretty sure Kara was having a showing, which he had already promised not to miss. Technically, it was a showing of both hers and her husband’s new respective series, but he’d already seen most of Malcolm’s pieces at the last few Art Crawls. Mal was sort of a known quantity around town; not as big as a Pollock or even a Banksy, but he was on his way up.

Kara, by comparison, was still building her following. She produced work so fast, she was able to mount multiple shows, if she wanted to. The problem was, her style was so personal, so eccentric, that she hadn’t yet caught on with the art buying public in NYC. She was selling art online to private collectors, and there was talk of her joining a local artist’s collective, but such collectives rarely lasted. Richard was starting to worry that Kara’s work was going to become marginalized if she didn’t start experiencing some mainstream success soon.

Of course, Kara wouldn’t appreciate him chipping in or rallying the troops, so he was going to have to be more clever than that: He’d made big buttons of some of his favourite pieces of her work, and he was set to walk around with them on, passing out cards he’d had made up to direct passersby to her show.
As such, he was going to be pretty busy that day, and didn’t fancy his chances of meeting with Marcia before the crawl… unless…

He picked up the phone and started calling people. If he couldn’t dedicate the whole night to promoting Kara’s show himself, he would rally the troops to help him do it, and pass it off as a publicity stunt.

© 2013 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
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