Tears v.2.0 pt 3 (of 3)

Okay, here’s the last part of the abortive second take of the second chapter of YOU KNOW WHAT. Might post something else tomorrow, but I haven’t decided what. So have a good weekend, and for you American folks, have a Happy Thanksgiving. My wife and I will be doing it up right as well.

Coffee Time
All this ruminating accomplished very little, which was as good a summation of Richard’s so-called career as a graphic novelist as he could think of. He had stories like Full Moon Memoires, The Monk, and The Gas Mask Chronicles, which he had been tinkering with for years, but his latest project was Novice 2 Romance, which he guessed was his bid at writing a traditional indie comic. What a strange idea: that indie comics had somehow become traditional seemed peculiar to him.

He went through the process of making Kara’s coffee on autopilot, steadfastly ignoring Vlad and Ocelot and their persistent mewling.

“You’re early,” he admonished, though he knew full well that they neither comprehended nor cared.

He was convinced that they recognized the word ‘early’, but only knew that it meant they weren’t getting fed yet. He also knew that he’d be feeding them momentarily. He just didn’t fancy keeping Kara waiting any more than he already had. It wasn’t the first time he had inadvertently made her cranky by accidentally missing her wake-up call and getting her up too late to enjoy her coffee before she had to leave.

When he had double-checked to make sure he hadn’t forgotten to put in the water and coffee, he started the coffee maker and made for the bedroom to wake his wife.

What an extraordinary thought: his wife. There had been a time not so long ago when he thought she would leave him. Would have served him right. Might have been better for both of them if she had. But those days seemed to have passed them by, and now they existed in a state of slow recovery. He was slowly earning back her trust, after some questionable activities dating back to around the beginning of their marriage. In the meantime, she was slowly but less assuredly winning back his confidence. It had been a long time since he had last felt safe to share and open himself freely to Kara, which made him sad, because once upon a time, he considered her his best friend. These days, he couldn’t say if anyone fit that title.

Randy was almost never available to work with him anymore, and when he was, it was only for brief spurts and one-nighters, so to speak. Drake had quietly crawled up his own ass, insisting he could no longer play or sing, for reasons Richard couldn’t help suspecting were really just excuses to get out of having to work to improve. Dana had married an idiot who forbade her from working with Richard, whom he didn’t trust not to steal her away, as if she were actually willing. Schmuck. Reg was happily ensconced in married Christian life once more, though their son had left home and was on a rebellious tear. Tia was engaged to her on-again-off-again boyfriend, and had stopped keeping in touch in any case. Even his sister Julia had quit, after having rediscovered her love of music through the band; in the end, she just couldn’t stay committed to an idea put together by her wayward brother.

The old band was well and truly dead. Richard hadn’t seriously worked on his solo music in over a decade, owing at least in part to his dubious attempts to become a successful graphic designer. He’d fallen into graphic design thanks to his sister, Julia, who had found him a few gigs in the early days, before she went in for gender reassignment.

Okay, she hadn’t gone in for gender reassignment. What she’d done was more radical. She went back to school to become a medical office admin. Naturally, she was damned good at it, and she was a lot happier than she had been as a saleswoman. He was actually very happy for her, even if he was a little disappointed that she had essentially moved on and out of his sphere, and more into Andy’s.

Andy. Sweet Andy. What had he done there? A moment in paradise. A sacred indiscretion, at a time when he thought his marriage was over, and over a different woman, no less. He’d been down and out for a month or two in 2007 after Kara had kicked him out, and he wound up having a brief, tempestuous affair with a girl from Wanda’s writing group. It had been nice. Really nice. Maybe too nice. He still thought about her often, even though Kara had eventually decided to take him back after all. It had been touch and go for a while, but Kara had accepted him back, based on the recovery he’d made at the end of ‘07, after getting the band back together for one last hurrah; the Bridge had shown Kara what was capable of, and for some reason known only to her, it had changed her mind about whether she could trust him or not.

For a while, Richard had thought Kara would want him to make more music, to capitalize on the success they’d garnered from The Bridge. However, went the band splintered and went their separate ways, she seemed quite content, and rarely commented on the lack of follow-up. She did occasionally ask if he was ever going to write her a real love song, but other than that, the pressure seemed to have subsided. He didn’t understand it, but he was grateful, nonetheless.

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