Terminal Monday, Redux

So I’m listening to the Anderson/Stolt album while doing one last spell check of a novel I wrote and published half a decade ago. Basically, after replacing the cover because I was told it had to be resized larger for newer ebook seller pages, they flagged the book for having a faulty table of contents. I fixed the links, which I was almost sure I’d tested carefully the first time I put it up,s o I have no idea what happened there. But then they revealed that the book’s formatting was flawed, so I had to fix that, too. Then I started correcting some of the more egregious accidental misspelling. Then I got busy and decided to send in what I had. Then they flagged the book again, because the reformatting had eliminated the indents from the last fifth of the book. Fairly quick fix, but I had to tweak a few things, and got to spellchecking again. So now, I’m doing another, more in-depth spellcheck, and I’m catching all sorts of crap that slipped through. I’m aghast.

So when I’m done, I think I’m going to have a re-release party. Brief one. Might even apply the corrections to the print version and order a few to sell to friends… but that will take time, because the print version has a lot of special formatting for the cool fonts I used.

Just spitballing. Maybe I can do a virtual thing. I don’t know. I’ve never had a release party before.

We’ll see.


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