Terminal Review Deal

Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day to write a review of the first 26 pages of Terminal Monday: Under Observation and receive a free digital copy of the entire 113 page novella in your email inbox. That’s a savings of $2.99 for a few hundred words telling folks what you think of a measly 26 pages. You could be the first to review it.

Please, don’t let this opportunity get away from you. I’m pretty damned sure I won’t be offering it again.

In other news, the next title to add to my store is ready to go. Just got to clear it with my LinkWorlds partner, Rod Brazeau, whose a bit busy just now with his www.TheMovieSnitch.com movie review site.


ETA (2011/11/14): This deal is no longer being honoured. Sorry. Wish you could have taken part.

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