That’s All You’re Gonna Get From Me

Okay. You come here to read my blog posts, whether I’m post images of my work, talking about my writing, talking about music I enjoy, or telling people about the music I’ve been making (badly).

I occasionally ask for feedback. I generally don’t get any. I carry on.

But it occurs to me that some of you who visit here probably haven’t actually looked under the hood to see how much STUFF I’ve created over the years. Some of it is pretty fine, even if I do say so myself. I’d give you testimonials, but they’re mostly from friends, acquaintances, and my mother, and I know that you don’t know my mother well enough to know how harsh she can be when criticizing my work.

But seriously, I think it’s time some of you stopped reading this and went and had a look at the things I’ve created honestly, you don’t know me very well if you haven’t read my books, or looked at my art, or listened to my music.

I’d give you a bunch of fun links to follow, but that would actually defeat the purpose of you exploring my website. It’s not that complicated. Everything is one or two links down. You can find further links to stores where you can buy something if you like it. There are links in the top left hand corner of my blog (below the banner), if you want to go directly to the book stores or the music store and save on reading time.

I’m not asking for your money. I won’t lie and say I don’t want your money, but I’m not going to ask for it. I just want you to go take a look at this website you’re reading.

Now, some of you are reading this in your email programs. Some of you are reading this on LiveJournal. A few of you may even be reading this on Tumblr. That’s alright. But I’d like to ask that you visit my website too.

Tell me what you think of the page. Tell me you think my books are lousy. Tell me something about yourself. I don’t mind. Ask me about my weight problems, or my sexuality, or my mental illness. Ask me why I made Leanna Casel bisexual? Ask me why I made Richard Burley lose his mind.

Just remember, it’s the holiday weekend, and you can easily spare a few minutes more to scan the website a bit and tell me what you think of all this. Because whatever you think of me by this point, you have to know that talking to you like this, though fulfilling on some level, feels a bit masturbatory. I blog in this format to give you a chance to comment as well. I don’t have to. I choose to. And if anything I’ve written here intrigues you, you should have something to say about it. You’ve been reading all this time, so why not?

That’s it for me today. There’s an Easter Egg Hunt at Carter Park today. Not sure if I’m up for it, myself. Pretty sure my wife is going.

Time to get dressed and start my day. Thank you for reading, and especially, thank you for being here.


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