The Arcolopolis Logos


I’ve more or less decided that I’m going to use most of these for individual ‘issues’ (more like episodes, but it’s all relative in the digital realm). I need something like six at the moment, and I have a couple more ideas that should work. Hopefully the story won’t balloon out of my control (as usual) and require more variations.

I may simply take the first logo concept and dicker with it a couple more times, and use those to break up the segments of Jenna’s Tale, which probably should be divided into three parts, despite it having originally been meant as the demo for the rest of the MetFall game (back when it was going to be a video game, which was after the original piece of flash fiction that started it all off).

The basic letterforms are so distinct that, even if I play with the colour and the Ohs (which seem to have become my main element of play, here), the logo will still stand out and be identifiable, which is the point of logos anyway.

So that’s that. I’ll probably produce a second set of variations in the days ahead, but I think I have enough to work with for the moment, especially given that I still have to revise and finalize the plot.

And of course, this isn’t even my very next project… which I will start working up logos for as soon as I finish one or two other little projects I’m behind on. Stay tuned for more. 😉


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