The Best Thing You’ve Never Heard

Good Afternoon, Mackrophiles,

I posted this about a month or two ago, and it got a few plays, but most people were more interested in The Art of Letting Go, probably because it has a cooler title or because the genre label I gave it is sort of novel (Progressive Pop). I don’t know why I left that one up, but it seems to be getting hits.

So, it’s the end of April, and I still have about seven or eight songs left to record for the album, with the due date set for June 5th. If I can’t work on two to three songs a week from here until then, I won’t make the deadline. Not a huge catastrophe, as I don’t have distribution or post production to deal with. I’m it. I’m the guy. If I say it’s done, it’s done. But I’m already thinking I’ll have to cut Gary’s song for his daughter, because he hasn’t played me anything for it yet, and I don’t know if it’s happening or not. I may have to start trimming my own songs as well, because there are rather a lot of them, and most folks would rather have ten solid tracks than seventeen mostly-solid tracks.

The problem for me is, a number of the tracks I want to do most have been saved for the finishing stretch, due to complexity. I don’t want to cut those. Correction: I won’t cut those. I’ll end up making a mad dash for the finish and simply trimming back anything that needs polish and post-production but isn’t as important to me, and then release those as B-sides. Although, in this day and age, ‘B-side’ is an anachronism. Best to just call them singles, or save them for an EP release or something.

In other news, I have heard Death Grips, and I have to admit, it’s not my thing. I’m not much for heavy heavy bass drops to begin with, and the track I listened to, Guillotine, seems to consist entirely of drops and heavy, repetitive rapping of the ‘gangsta’ flavour. I like hearing new stuff, even if it’s not my thing, but I definitely can’t find room in my head for Guillotine right now, if ever.

Well, it’s pay day, so I guess I’m gonna have to go get dressed and take my agent around to pick up some essentials. Money has been so very, very tight lately, and the bills are seriously overdue, but the cupboards are almost bare, along with the fridge. Add that to a much-needed pair of runners and a couple of promised canvas bags, and I’ll just be happy to make it through another month. When the money finally comes in again, if it ever does, I promise I won’t miss these days.

Time to go dress in something warm. The weather outside looks cruddy. Thanks for reading. Stay warm, keep dry, and have a good day.


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