The Big CD Non-Release Party Post

Okay, so if you’ve been following along, you might know that the album is basically done, but that it needs a lot of post-production to get it up to the level of quality needed to justify the $10.oo price tag. I’ve been playing with the idea of holding the album back until September 15th, the next emotionally significant date on the calendar for me, because that’s when Dawn came to stay. I still haven’t changed the release date over on Bandcamp to reflect this, but that’s largely because I haven’t been online due to a critical lack of internet. I’ll try to fix that today if I can find time and internet to do so.

Today is my brother’s 43rd birthday, and the plan is to go watch movies and eat pizza when Mom gets off work. I’ll be giving him the pre-release copy of the album as a present, which I’ve carefully remastered to sound more balanced than the version I played for my friend on Saturday night. It’s the only copy I’ll be giving away to non-participants. Everyone else has to pay.

I’ll be taking down a lot of working files I’ve left in certain places for certain people to access. The album may not be being actually released today, but as of today, it goes into the shop for fine tuning, and it won’t be played or shared anywhere (with my approval, at least) until the final unveiling. I’m thinking of perhaps streaming it in a Google Hangout on release day, so I can discuss it with friends and gauge their interest. I’m also thinking that, if all goes to plan, I’ll have some copies made and sell them at gigs. I may even sign a few.

Dawn is in a peculiar mood, so I have to go do some stuff and get things in order. I hope everyone has a great day. Thank you for reading.


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