The Big Lack of Sleep

Good Mor… okay, so it’s more like Good Evening, okay?

Anyway, I’m listening to the album again, and just about to do some more work on the album jacket graphics. I plan to include a slightly labyrinthine lyric sheet, which requires getting the laptop out to make an RTF of the final lyric sheet, so while I’m in here, bonus post!

It’s weird having an album I can play over and over without really tiring of it. Oh sure, most of these songs still need some polishing, and I’m quite likely to get sick of the errors before much longer. However, I can’t listen to this album and not be struck by how well conceived and built it is. It’s something I wasn’t quite sure I’d achieve with this album, despite all of my fancy promises. I’d hoped it would work out, but I needed to actually achieve the results I heard in order to feel the vindication of my vision. I may not have a truly finished product in my hands yet, but I’m so close now, I can taste the shape of it in the mouth of my mind, like the idea of Jello Pudding Pops that still exists in the back of my mind. This album is more complex than the creamy coolness of Bill Cosby’s favourite desert treat, but it hits a similar pleasure center for me. This album is tasty. I can’t wait for you to try it.

I now have to give some thought to recruiting and rehearsing a band. I suppose it would be silly not to try to build it around Gary and Derrick, even if neither of them is really road-ready (but then, neither am I, really). I would recruit from within the small circle of musician friends I have who haven’t habitually patronized me, but honestly, my ideal band seems pretty remote. My friends are all sort of not interested. That’s not really a condemnation. I mean, let’s face it, I haven’t exactly inspired people to join in with my madness over the years. Still, it would have been nice to surround myself with friends for this.

I should be working on those graphics now. What I REALLY should be doing is going back to bed. I hope you folks slept better than me.

Have a great day. Thanks for reading.


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