The Continuing Adventures…

…of the Philosophical Clown. It’s a title I’ve been planning for a long, long time. I’ll finally use it some time in the next year to blow out all of the old solo tune material I’ve been stockpiling over the decades. I’ll be rerecording (or in some cases, recording for the first time) more than thirty songs, mostly written during the 90s and early 00s, which have been waiting for me to get the equipment to do them properly. Well, I’ve got as much of that equipment as I’m ever likely to own, given the stunted shape of my musical career, so it’s about time I recorded them and got them out of my life. Looking at this list, I still see some are missing, so I’ll have to add them and try to complete the list. Might be closer to forty songs, when it’s done. My very own boxed set. Shiny.

The Philosophical Clown thing is a reference to my old stage name, Philo (the Clown), which I used for a few years while singing karaoke and trying to rehearse Etcetera to the point where we could perform the set of songs we had been working on from 1993-1998. Sadly, that set has yet to be heard. I may rerecord Etcetera’s ‘And Sew Fourth’ album some day, just to see if it could have lived up to my expectations, if nobody else’s.

Here’s the front cover idea for ‘Clown’, at any rate:

The People's Republic of Limbo - The Continuing Adventures of the Philosophical Clown

And that’s it for Show & Tell today. Thank you for reading.


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