The Day Is Young and Promises Nothing Good

Good Morning, Macketeers,

I’m visiting my mother’s place today and doing laundry, which has been getting out of control for months. I’ve been doing it, but I haven’t yet been able to get all of it done because of the expense of washing laundry in my building’s laundry room. I simply can’t afford this nonsense anymore. *Sigh* I feel like I’m back in 2003, or maybe even 1998, when everything felt like ti was on hold and I had no resources of any kind. Now I have most stuff, but I am, as they used to say in Amway, broke at a higher lifestyle.

I was planning on selling some art. I’m debating going the eBay route, because Etsy, though probably a little more appropriate for artsy things, doesn’t seem to offer better prices, and frankly, I want to make a few bucks. Problem with eBay selling art is, not a lot of it sells. Frankly, that’s no surprise right now. Most people are feeling the pinch these days, except for the unicorn-like 1%ers, whoever and wherever they may or may not be. What I wouldn’t give for a cool 15 Grand right now. I suspect there are people walking around with that much in their billfolds. It’s a strange world we live in.

I’m listening to Anthony Phillips’ Scottish Suite again. It’s a sadly incomplete thing, but the snippets of ideas, which don’t really go anywhere, still inspire me. I think it was his use of the suite as a format that inspired me to use it to define my song cycle in The Whole Other Half. I knew it wasn’t a sonata or concerto, as it was built from songs sewn together in a narrative cluster. Anthony’s music does that a lot, too. I even adapted his idea from the New England album of having a short motif revisited with different instrumentation, in the guise of Gary’s Over The Garden Wall piece, which I hacked to pieces and changed the key and instrumentation of several times throughout the suite. I’m really quite proud of how it came out, even if the album needs a lot of post-production love now to make it what it’s trying to be: professional.

Doing the laundry at Mom’s like this invites the problem that Mom and I had a fight yesterday about what I’m (not) doing for a living; i.e. Not working in a factory or warehouse like a good little cog. Problem for me is, I’m not as young and energetic as I used to be, and I was rarely ever in good enough shape for the kinds of work on offer to starters these days. I’ve tried doing jobs with extreme forms of manual labour, and let me tell you, some jobs I was pretty good at, but others used to destroy me. Plus, and this is key, I’m currently receiving money from the government on the understanding that I do NOT do that kind of work anymore. I can’t afford much right now, but what I really can’t afford is to work without medical. If I can’t earn enough money in a month to cover added expenses and the bills and debt retirement payments I already have, then it’s not worth trying to get the job. Mom would be happy seeing me working in a Tim Horton’s or a McDonalds or anything else, really, no matter how small, just so long as I’m not sitting around all day doing what she thinks amounts to nothing. I think she believes I’m just being proud. I don’t see it that way, but you can’t argue with Mom, because she knows how things are, even when she’s in denial about a lot of stuff herself.

So, since I’m cut off from the work I was doing at home, I’m going to work on Back Roads of Limbo today. With any luck, I’ll finish another story or two, and be that much closer to being able to publish a new title. I’ll have to do some pretty careful spell checking, though, because stuff crept into my last manuscript that I’m incredibly unhappy with. If you bought a book from me that has a lot of errors in it, email me and I’ll send you a corrected copy when I get the mistakes taken care of. Won’t be able to do that for the print novels, so I really need to focus on getting those manuscripts bushed up. But for now, it’s Back Roads. A story with Sterling and Jeannie, a story with Morgan, and a story with Justin Veigh-Hugh. If I can finish those, it’ll be publishing time again.

Just about time for me to go change loads. I hope everyone has a good day. Keep cool.


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