The Dream Falls

Banged through the rhythm track and guide vocal for The Dream Falls today. Started programming early in the morning but had to pretty much scrap four fifths of what I’d done until I got it more or less right. The object was to do something different with 4/4 while still reflecting that this had been adapted from a performance by Derrick. Yes, the vocal track is dodgy; I did it in one quick take with no warm-ups or rehearsing, and I was a little breathless, strained and flat in places. Still, you can actually hear the song and the lyrics better this time.

Now I just need to wait for Gary to write a new guitar part for it, because he has abandoned/lost the old guitar part (and I have been sitting on my hands refusing to teach him the guitar part I’ve been hearing since I wrote the song).

I also think he has decided that I am a lead bassist, and refuses to play anything when I’m ‘soloing’. And here I was thinking I’d save that for the keys. Speaking of which, I’m itching to put some kind of synth part on this track, but I have to let Gary get his part sorted first, or I’ll break him. He’s already quietly pretending last month’s You’re Right doesn’t exist (I wrote all the parts and played it all myself, and he hasn’t yet asked me how I played the guitar part).

Anyway, here’s the demo so far:

The Dream Falls demo 2010


2 Responses to “The Dream Falls

  • Hey I never said you were any lead bassist lol and as for the guitar to that. You know if its not written down and recorded for me to hear in the future then I would never remember it with my lovely memory. Love my concussions lol. You haven’t even told me or shown me how you would like it to sound. So stop your bitching and being the normal you and show me the way you want it to sound or at least an idea because this is another one of your old songs that you decided to finally finish and I know you, its all overthought as per the norm for you and you will try to overdo it. So stop your bitching and tell and show me your ideas so I have something to work off of.
    I will see you Thursday to kick that ass of yours into shape. Hernia or not I am sure Dawn will hold you for me lol
    See ya soon buddy.

  • WIKTORY! At last, the man speaks! Wheeeee!!!!!

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