The Follow-Up and Thru

So yesterday’s announcement of Steve Howe leaving Asia comes with news that they’ve already found his replacement, young Sam Coulson, whose name sounds vaguely familiar, but whose playing I haven’t heard (that I can recall). The internet tells me he’s amazing. I’ll check with Youtube later to see what I think. A little amazed that they would risk a newcomer, given their status as a relatively successful reunion act. I was only (mostly) kidding about guys like Trevor and Brian and Steve, but I expected to hear a few more name players. Instead, they’ve hired a junior member again.

Otherwise, today seems to be going alright. No fiction writing worth speaking of today, but I expect that to change once I’ve finished wrapping my brain around the is new series concept and get it fleshed out. I figure I’ll get the first part of the Booyah Project started, and then I’ll get the first Sterling novel finished, and hook left to catch the second volume of LinkTales and get that done, whilst plugging away at Poison Pen Letters and The Approximate Distance To Limbo.

That doesn’t leave much room for anything else, but I plan on recording a few more albums this year, to blow out the Etcetera and Thesis backlogs, and to get the Surreyal and Photo:Synthesis projects up and running. I may also start noodlig new ideas, for a tentative People’s Republic of Limbo album.

I’m also planning on doing some comic stuff, but I haven’t done the ground work necessary for Zoe thru the Week/on the Weekend, Novice 2 Romance, and a new concept called Nuvo Geek. I have the template and I have some ideas or stripes, but I haven’t even started sketching to get my Zoe drawings back up to par. I’m also considering getting back to work on Art of Words, or at least doing my take on Stage!.


So that’s what I’m thinking about at present. Way too much to actually get done in a year unless I get really manic and work for months at a stretch. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading. Have a great night and a fine weekend.


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