The Genderqueer Paradox in Science Fiction/Fantasy

Short one today. Gail Simone has disparaged that there is a distinct lack of LGBTQ characters and relationships in great sci-fi/fantasy cinema. I listed off Doctor Who (someone else got there before me) and I didn’t list Torchwood (because I was only one of seventeen people who enjoyed it in its original form, and detested the last two series). I also listed most of the films I could think of that did have queer characters, and none of them were SF/Fantasy films. That’s a problem.

I wrote The BRIDE of WAR in 2006 or thereabouts. It features two bi-curious young women who eventually settle into a polyamorous relationship with a man who is transformed by magic into… well, read teh book, It’s not very long.

I also wrote ASHES, which features a bisexual woman in an alien society.

I started a faux-serial sci-fi novel called AUTHOR UNKNOWN: Season Won, which features a bisexual woman as the male protagonist’s companion. It’s kind of my homage to a certain time travelling physician of sorts, but not, because copyright, right? I still have to set up a page for that.

I’ve written other gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual characters, but they were mostly in other genres. I DID write the beginnings of an espionage thriller that involves at least one gay spy killer and his bisexual protege breaking up very badly.

And I’ve got at least one gay man and one transgender character featured prominently in The CONSTANT SEA of NIGHT, which I hope to complete some time this or next year, with luck.

So really, what I’m saying is, I’m working on it. No idea if my work will ever be read, let alone popular enough to be made into films or such, but I have my hopes.


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