The Life of a Modern Urban Activist

Alright, I’m trying to disengage on a lot of fronts right now, but I’m still engaged on certain fronts, despite my best effort not to let myself burn out.

I was involved, ever so briefly, in the planning of the State of the Neighbourhoods discussion with Mayor Eisenberger tonight. However, I won’t be attending, as I did step down as co-chair of the SCA, and don’t feel it would be right to represent that group. My former co-chair colleague might be there, anyway, so that’s good.

Instead, I’ll be manning a half-table on behalf of the Hamilton Anvil, at the Worker’s Arts and Heritage Museum for the Hamilton Streetopia Launch discussion. I expect all of you to show up (Yes, even you, anonymous reader in Hawaii).

I’m also still involved in local community building initiatives, in the guise of the Stinson Creative Lab. We’re coming for your Creatives, and we won’t stop until you are all dragged through the streets in chains… err, I mean until you are all offered a chance to get more engaged with your communities.

I’m also also working on a new song. Might not get used, but it’s a Pro-LRT song, though very subtly so. I want to win hearts and minds, not get up people’s noses, like a certain anti-LRT song I heard recently.

I have the Tarot picture back on my drawing table. More work to do, still. No more photos until I get the drawing done. There will also be more collaborations with my wife, in hope of preparing a show for the new year. 2016 has largely been a step back from the activity of 2015. Shame. We had a bit of momentum going, there. Ah well… lots of unavoidable reasons, but they are being sorted.

Time to sign off and get some work done, now that my headache is subsiding.

Thanks for reading.


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