The More Things Change, The More Things Change

So I think we’ve just about got the new process for PBW2 2015 hashed out. Just got to do some fine detail stuff and get things like Operating budget and administrative staff sorted out. I can keep receipts with the best of them, and I do know my way around a spreadsheet, but I think our little team is going to need someone with superlative office keeping skills, and also someone who has truly great people skills. We have some of that on staff already, but our best candidates haven’t come forward, and probably won’t because of time crunch and familial considerations. PB is its own reward, most days, but it DOES tend to ask too much of its volunteer base, on the whole. I’m guilty as charged of it myself. My standards are perhaps too high, but I try to make allowances for people with lives… including my wife.

That’s really all I’ve got for today. Tomorrow I go to talk to a surgeon about my ulnar nerve entrapment. Expect a huge post on the weekend, or perhaps on Monday. Thanks for reading.


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