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Good Morning, My Little Mackronauts,

I’ve been watching the internets very carefully of late, and have concluded that I haven’t been doing it right. I don’t get much attention for my actual work, and even my album review hobby has lost some of its traction. This isn’t a blame thing. It’s just an observation. My strategies are clearly not working. I don’t have a better answer than the one I’ve been working with over the last eighteen months of intense self-promotion. I’m just saying, things appear to be growing extremely slowly, and it’s not all bad news, but frankly, it’s still not translating to people wanting to buy my work, which, if I’m really honest, is a pretty significant reason for me to spend all of this time online instead of, you know, actually creating things.
I actually believe I’ve got a pretty fair ratio of promo-to-work happening at the moment. I post here on-to-three times a week maximum now, as opposed to the almost daily approach I used earlier on. This seems to be better for my health. I don’t regret the time spent building the blog to where it is now. Most of the hits I get in a day are for older material, so I must have done something right somewhere along the line. I just can’t justify continuing to crank out material at that rate, because it doesn’t translate to sales.
Sounds pretty mercenary, I know. I apologize for that. Please, try to understand, I’m going to be turning 42 on December 26th. I live on the meagre financial assistance grated to my by Ontario Disability, thanks to my bad back and especially to my very slipshod brainmeats, which like to trick me into thinking I can do either a whole lot more than I am physically and mentally capable of, or alternatively trick me into believing with certainty that all I really want to do is lay down under a train. Such brainmeats are not to be trusted on a daily basis.
But that doesn’t mean my creative work is shoddy. My books are interesting. My music is interesting (Some of it’s even good). My art interesting. I’ve even sold a fair bit of it, though I hesitate to call myself a success on those grounds. I have been a professional graphic designer for over a decade, but my design company is on it’s last legs. Not much call for indie print design in my home town right now. Everyone wants a designer who can code web pages with complicated back ends for shopping and form filling and media displays and such, which is beyond my current skill set. And no one wants to pay for what the work is worth any more.
Point is, I’m not getting any younger, and I’m definitely not getting any richer.

So, what do you think? Do I post too little on the blog? Do I need to revamp and start over again? Do I need to write more album and classic movie reviews? Do I need to write more Interactive Storytelling articles? Do I need to start attending Toronto events and report who was there? Do I need to post nude photos of my cats? Do I need to post more fiction? More drawings? More paintings? More music? Or do I need to go away and let you get on with reading more interesting blogs.

I’ll tell you what I need to do next, though: I need to get some more coffee, get some breakfast, get Winterlude finished, get the editing done for The Back Roads of Limbo, get the book published, finish remixing Bisecting A Circumference and put it up for sale, and then maybe get dressed and go vacuum my mother’s house. We’ll see what happens first on that list. I’m betting coffee.

Thanks for reading, darlings,

Your Mercenary Uncle Eddie.

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