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Good Afternoon, Mackrophiles,

I don’t really have a cool topic for today, because it’s Thursday and I’m looking at a day of recording music, although this time without Gary, who stopped by to pick up a few things and make a few suggestions and requests, but had to leave for the day.

Now, I’ve got a video I’m working on that I hope to have ready later today, after I finish trimming and editing the better bits back together. It’s a musical video, though I hesitate to call it proper Music Video because I don’t finish the song, and it’s only me on guitar. I may just scrap what I’ve got, do a few more rehearsals and see if I can play and sing it all the way through. We’ll see what I feel like after I’ve consumed this here coffee.

I may have mentioned that I’ve been trying to get new people to sign up on the mailing list at I still need to convince them that I can make the money I’m hoping to start my project earning, but they think I need to shoo much, much lower. They’re probably right, but it’s painful to contemplate backing down at this point because the bills I have to pay say otherwise, and going for the dollar sum they suggest isn’t really wroth all of my time and effort thus far. It’ll barely be enough to cover my most expense overage for a month or two.

So that’s still on the table. If you have friends who might like my music more than you do (and I assume you don’t like my music because you haven’t gone out and signed up for the mailing list yet; I know you haven’t, because I have dozens of unique readers these days, and only four mailing subscriptions. You see how this works, right?), then could you please, PLEASE direct them to my PledgeMusic page, or at least to this blog so they can sample my music for themselves and decide if they like what they hear.

Thank you.

Your Conniving Uncle Eddie

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