The Only Constant (is Change)

So, today, one of my favourite cousins is getting married.

I agreed to meet a once-and-possibly-future client before going to the wedding.

Dawn is feeling awful, and probably won’t be able to attend.

I still have pain in my chest and shoulder. I should probably ice it.

Here’s the near-final result of that cover I was working on:
Perpetual Tuesday (almost done)

I’ll probably tinker with it a bit more, but this is pretty close.

Writing this book commences in just under two weeks.

I’m hoping to get last year’s novel finished before then. Here’s what it looks like so far:

Listening to Barenaked Ladies at 6:30 AM is an interesting way to start the day, I’d say. Better than listening to the construction workers preparing to start making racket extra early this morning. Dawn will lose her mind when they do. Lack of sleep has been really making her miserable, on top of the body aches, the tooth ache and her runny nose. it might not be a cold, but she’s been in rough shape for days, and I’m almost thinking it might be time to go out there and tell the bastards to fuck off for the weekend. The constant banging is getting on her last nerve.

The one problem with the latest BNL album is that we don’t have enough tunes from Jim Creegan, who was hands down the most revelatory thing on their previous album. His suddenly turning into a truly great tunesmith was nothing short of miraculous, given his previous efforts, which were nice, but really not up to par against Steve and Ed. I was hoping to hear more of him than I did on Grinning Streak, which is a great album, but is really mostly the Ed Robertson show. Good thing Ed is my favourite, or I’d be more disappointed than I am.

Time to stop this and get back to work. Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend.


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