The Path Was Clear, Though No Eyes Could See, The Course Laid Down Long Before

I often post these lyric titles hoping someone will respond and tell me who I’m listening to.

For the record, It’s Genesis’ Firth of Fifth, and I’m not actually listening to the track just now, because I don’t need to. I’ve played those old albums so many times, a fine groove has been worn into my psyche by the soothing words.

I just got back from running around picking up items and having a lovely brunch omelette at Wimpy’s Diner on Main and Poulette. I also purchased a replacement porcelain palette for myself, and some ink and watercolour paper for Dawn. We also dithered about the possible purchase of a 72 colour Inktense pencil set, but at $152 dollars, we decided it was too steep, based on other things we had to purchase as well. Those other things included a new wireless modem for Mom, and a new 4TB storage drive for our media centre. Tomorrow, I will try to purchase some new running shoes, as the rain is inordinately fond of these ones. I’ll also need to pick up money for laundry, and some meat from Lococco’s. There may also be a new(ish) denim jacket for Dawn.

I may have just lost myself a graphics gig, by quibbling over money. Last year, I quoted around $300 for about nine hours of work to complete a flyer job, and ended up backing down to a $100 honorarium, which in itself would be a bit galling, except that the real count turned out to be about 27 hours, which should have made me just under $1000. Now, I actually enjoyed last year’s flyer job, and I haven’t made dime one from my graphic design this year (got a few nice hugs, but otherwise, not a fennig). One might think I would be more worried about losing the work, but the thing is, I have too much on my plate already, and if I let them think they can mile me for another 30 hours and $1K, they will, and I will start resenting it, and so, I told them I need a little more money. Didn’t specify how much. I want to see if they’ll offer me more. If not, it’s not worth doing, even if I phone it in.

For those that forgot, this is basically what I did for them last year:
Fall Fest Flyer 5p5x8p5 001-01 Fall Fest Flyer 5p5x8p5 001-02 Fall Fest Flyer 5p5x8p5 002-01 Fall Fest Flyer 5p5x8p5 002-02 Fall-Fest-Flyer-5p5x8p5-004a Fall-Fest-Flyer-5p5x8p5-004b Fall-Fest-Flyer-5p5x8p5-005a Fall-Fest-Flyer-5p5x8p5-005d-2up

I DId just get a reply back from the current liaison for the BIA, who hopes to have news for me tomorrow night. We’ll see.

I should be drawing comic pages. time I logged off and got to it. Talk to you later. Thanks for reading. Keep warm and dry.


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