The Perils of Amateur Art Photography

Okay, this is going to be a quick one.

First off, I started a account a few days ago. HERE IS THE LINK.

Second, in the interest of putting up more than one painting, and putting up paintings I’m willing to part with for less than $1.5K, here is the process I developed this morning while the clouds were still out:

2014 07 20 setup A sml 2014 07 20 setup B sml Deliberation 2014 - mounted A sml Density 2014 - mounted A sml Deliberation 1of5 2014 - mounted A

The sun is out now, so the light won’t be as even, and thus would cast shadows, which I already have plenty of. So, no more photos today.

What I really need is a light box or two and a camera with really good resolution and manual lenses so I can set the ISO properly and not get a lot of autofocus nonsense. I also need space to set all of this up in, so I’m not shooting outdoors with the threat of rain. This is going to take money, folks.

So I come back to my crowdfunding idea, WHICH NO ONE COMMENTED ON; is there any interest in pledging for me to paint a graphic novel featuring the spirits of Lucky and Charlie on a spirit world adventure?

Time to check the sausage. Thank you for reading. Comments more than welcome; in fact, they’re compulsory. COMMENT, dammit!


One Response to “The Perils of Amateur Art Photography

  • I commented on your FB post but I’ll comment here too since it’s COMPULSORY =) if you’re available late in the evening on tuesday for TTT lets meet up and talk options for this. i was in the very same situation as you about 6 years ago and we can sketch some things out and walk through some steps. problem solving DIY photostudios can be really fun if we put our minds to it.

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