The Sound of Constant Change Whooshing By

Good Morning, Campers,

I’m sure you are all aware that pillow sharing is not permitted here at Camp Woebegone, and so I would like to encourage you to stop this activity or you will be severely reprimanded and made to clean the dishes.

I know there are some of you who are in fact serial pillow sharers, and have been committing this heinous, despicable act for some time. However, the new camp administrator has made it clear that there will be no tolerance of this activity in future.

With all of that having been said, I would like someone to explain why my cabin was stuffed completely with pillows, and more to the point, how it happens that you are all still in possession of pillows as we speak? Clearly there is a pillow prankster in this camp, and I want them to be brought forward for punishment.

I’m going to put camp councillor Billings in charge of the investigation, and then I’m going to sleep, right after I finish removing all of those illegal pillows from from my cabin. You’ve been warned. Don’t let me catch any of you doing this again.

Yes, I’m tired and in need of caffeine. Why do you ask?

I’m going to have dinner with my family today. I may bring my laptop, but there won’t be a whole lot of posting, if past family get-togethers are anything to go by. Here, have a song and a story:
Old Man Saturn NSFC (Not Safe For Church)
Where’s The Blue Food? – an excerpt from Terminal Monday

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.


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