The Sound of Silence – an Update of Sorts

Okay, I know, it’s been a while, and no news from me usually means too much is happening and I can’t find time to post. Well, big surprise, too much is happening and I haven’t found time to post.

I’m trying to finish a newish collection of (slightly) taboo short stories. They probably won’t be any more ppular than my last two novels, which were sort of short story collections with a sequential narrative throughline. So, you know, novels, but not the way most folks are used to novels being. I was going to have a third volume to that story done by now, but the overwhelming lack of interest took the fun out of writing it for me, so I’ve officially abandoned it. No more Richard Burley. Sorry. It takes a lot out of me, and not having an audience for work that hard just isn’t worth doing anymore. I have over a hundred other story ideas waiting to happen. Probably closer to two hundred, at this point.

Meanwhile, I mounted these:
Triathlon (2015) sml
All Is Fair (In Love and War) (2015) d sml

I painted these a week or two ago:
Frenzy (2015) sml
They haven’t actually been mounted, but it’s a pretty good approximation of what I have in mind for them.

I’ve been slowly reading Jim Henson’s biography. I have a strong affinity to Jim and his work, even though I’m pretty sure we were nothing alike (when he was alive).

I have oodles of back pain right now.

I want to start work on a huge sci-fi novel about a future world where Asian corporations rule the commercial world (I know, big stretch), the environment is out of control (ditto), security is unbelievably tight (ditto), direct democracy is run using push technology (not far now), the world’s wheat farming is done underground (didn’t see THAT one coming, did you?), cyber-technology is virtual (whee!), virtual reality is nanotechnological AND cybernetic (wheeeee!), mental illness is encouraged (hoo-wah!), and Mythraism is the most powerful religion in the world (booyah!). #ColdWorld

I also want to get back to work on my sprawling three act concept album about a closeted bisexual songwriter whose three uncles used to be in a famous rock band until his father (the drummer) died under mysterious circumstances and the eldest brother (and lead man) found God and is on the verge of becoming a Cardinal.

And the neighbourhood and ward volunteer work hasn’t gone away yet. I keep getting drawn back in because I hate to ee the work I did up to now go to waste, but it’s getting harder and harder to justify the hours spent. It’s affecting my personal life in ways I’m not sure I can handle.

We DID do a cool summer event called Art in the Park, though, so that’s nice.

The latest issue of StinZine is out. Free digital downloads available.

My wife did three really cool paintings that are now hanging at This Ain’t Hollywood on James St N, one block north of Barton Street:
Spite - Greed - Nice Things
Spite - Greed - Nice Things - TAH

There’s probably much more than this to report, but I’m gonna stop now and maybe drift back tomorrow to report more stuff.



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