The Thing You Have To Keep In Mind Is…

1) Terminal Monday is such a huge novel, and so much is going on in it, that even with all of these excerpts posted, you still only get the faintest impression of what is going on in the story from merely reading the excerpts. I may give away a fair bit, but I’ve spoiled nothing.

2) I am blessed, or more likely cursed, with Bipolar Affective Disorder. That’s right, I’m BAD. I prefer calling it by its original name, Manic Depression, but I also just called it Bipolar Disorder. The thing about it is, it doesn’t make you a genius. Fortunately, what does make you a genius is simply putting all the things you know into little boxes and watching them fornicate and reproduce with one another in strange combinations.

3) I used to believe I was a genius. Then I grew old stopped believing it, because I haven’t achieved material success in any of the fields of endeavour I possess a talent for. Then I learned I was wrong.

There’s a quote attributed to Einstein that goes like this: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” That’s a very telling statement. It basically says that we all have talent at something, and that in our own field, we shine. Our greatest life’s ambition should be to find and hone that talent, to make of ourselves the best thing we can be. It could be argued that, perhaps the best thing for someone would be to remain content with their simple, perhaps lowly lot in life, and indeed, it takes a kind of talent to do even seemingly simple jobs really well. As well, there is a talent to living life simply. But not everyone automatically finds the simple life satisfying. We all have our individual, specific needs. Nature vs nurture can only get you so far, but the dichotomy between the two often defines us, and what we make of it is the only measure of success that counts.

4) I’m a polyamorous bisexual man who is married to a monogamous heterosexual woman from New York City. We have no children. Only cats. And the occasional visit from our neighbour, Dave, who is kind of like a stray dog with computer skills. All of these points are relevant. And relative.

5) I haven’t taken my meds yet. I’ve been up since 6 AM, but I don’t take my meds until my desktop computer notifies me to, at 8 AM. If I take them sooner, I get confused when I see the notification later in the day and wonder, ‘Did I take my meds?’ I am most assuredly not a genius at day planning, or at remembering things like whether I took my meds today or not. Absent-minded is the term often used to describe it. I prefer to call it ‘otherwise preoccupied’. Einstein was said to have failed basic math, though Stephen Fry and QI assure us that is merely General Ignorance. I failed Drafting, because I was happier flirting with Janine Kirkham at the back of the room. Still, I learned a lot from drafting and from studying the desks of designers at Sheridan, and eventually made myself into a professional graphic designer because of those things, and my ‘natural talent’ (Which Alfred Adler assures us is a myth) for Visual Arts.

That entire previous paragraph is a very roundabout way of telling you what I do ‘for a living’. The fact that it’s so circuitous goes a long way to explaining why I’m not rolling in money at this point in my life, despite being a reasonably skilled and talented graphic designer. That and my inabily to do cold call or door-to-door sales.

6) I’m tired. I think the lack of caffeine is to blame. I have decided as of today to give up caffeine. This will probably not work. Cold Turkey can be very effective, but it can also be a painful, horrible disaster. But caffeine may be to blame for my erratic sleep habits and my inability to continually process story ideas when I manage to eke out some time to write, which is infrequent these days, ‘for reasons’.

Gonna stop now. I still owe folks a conclusion to my ‘My Favourite Year’ (or whatever the title was; it SHOULD have been ‘My Favourite Year’) music post. I’ll get back to work on that later today or perhaps tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.


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