The Trouble With (Tax) Money Is…

…everyone who pays those taxes feels they have a right to decide how the money gets spent.

Now, I don’t disagree with that, in principle. I pay taxes too, though at the moment, probably not as much as many of you, since I’m a renter in Hamilton who is eking out a moderately uncomfortable-but-passable existence mostly on Disability payments. That may be changing soon. We’ll see.

But my point is, I believe we need to have more say in how tax money gets spent by all levels of government. It’s not an easy prospect, but really, most of us have internet, email and social media capability these days. Why shouldn’t we have a Direct Democracy website that allows us to sign polls written BY the government, instead of just TO the Government? Why shouldn’t we have more civic engagement opportunities? Why shouldn’t we offer out expertise to the discussion and help our governments make important decisions?

Representative Government has served us fairly well for the last few centuries, but really, we have the means to be much more proactive these days. Shouldn’t our governments change and recognize that our partnership should be stronger, not weaker?

I could go one, but I have a lot of stuff I’m supposed to be doing. I’ll try to get back later.


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