The Underpass Problem

Back in the late spring/early summer of last year, I helped draft the basic layout plan for the initial park makeover proposal, which I then presented to the neighbourhood and got a lot of positive feedback on. Then the SNAP plan, which included the entire Civic Square of Carter Park and Central Memorial Recreation Centre, along with a proposed community garden, performance stage and sculpture garden, amongst many other things, was tacitly approved by City Staff.

The plan was quietly put on hiatus until the SCA Executive Board elections, at which time, the SNAP plan was quietly folded into the SCA, and committees were reconfigured and repurposed to serve what the Executive board saw as the greater consensus of the neighbourhood at large, based on a prior SWOT analysis poll that was taken amongst the home owners of the neighbourhood.

In January of this year, the new plan was rolled out, and it took months to ratify everything that had been tweaked or rearranged, though not without some debate and mild dissent.

It’s August. The plan is largely in limbo, despite the best efforts of a few brave committee chairs to keep the ball rolling. And we’re coming up on elections soon.

So, today, weeks before the association reconvenes, I issued an email to everyone I know in the neighbourhood with a vested interest in its well-being (and a few who are, in my opinion, a bit confused), essentially telling them that I’m putting the sculpture garden proposal back on the table, and invited them to comment or critique.

Should be fun.

Here’s what I sent them to look at:
Patio Limbo (Carter Park)

I fully intend to push this plan until something gives. The area looks like this at present:

As you can see, it’s a pretty awful looking area, and I’m inclined to believe that it invites the kind of attitude and behaviour that the neighbourhood is trying to do away with. So i reintroduced my plan, and I’m waiting to see how many people try to shoot it down before I formalize my proposal and reach out to the community at large to propose properly reintroducing it to the park plan project.

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