The Week Of (Almost) No Posts

Sorry, gang. Lots of stuff sort of in the works, but I’ve been busy and tired and, I think, a bit depressed, so every time I sit down to write a blog post, nothing comes out. Very frustrating.

I’m listening to Sparks’ Exoctic Creatures of the Deep album, from 2008. It’s not top notch for me, but it’s good and it’s charming and it’s definitely Sparks music.

I’ve been dealing with some unwarranted drama over the past 24 hours. Hopefully I won’t have to do anything more about it than I already have. It’s a bit stupid, really. People ought to know better than to say what was said.

I want to watch some old television. Dawn wants to watch this documentary series she got into about families doing real life time travel experiments in small English towns. I’m just not grooving on the more melodramatic Reality TV aspects. I really need some light escapism, but life goes on.

No creative work has gotten done this week. Completely too busy to sit down and create. I need to straighten up my desk and bring out the laptop from the bedroom, where it’s been sitting forlornly.

Our buddy Dave Walker bought us copies of The Secret World to play, so we’d join in with him and Derrick. Dawn is finding she prefers playing alone. *shrug*

I think that’s all Iv’e got. More soon, I figure.


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